Sunday, 26 March 2017

2017 so far...

Cross country season fully underway now and I compete at the South of England XC Champs as part of the Bedford AC team. Tough 9 mile, hilly course, I went off controlled and managed to maintain a good pace and finish in 23rd pos and 2nd placed team.

Next couple of races were for the RAF. The RAF XC champs at the traditional RAF Halton course went well and I managed to get first place and win the historic trophy that goes back to 1920. 

It was then a long drive down to HMS Raleigh for the inter-service XC championships. I sunny day and muddy course gave good condition. The Navy runners went off fast, but soon faded and it was myself and Kallenberg. I eventually pulled away and crossed the line in first. That evening we had an end of season meal at Plymouth Aquarium.

With XC season at an end it was back to the roads with the Fleet Half Marathon, RAF champs and Inter-service championships. I hadn't ran this distance for a while, so went off a bit conserved, also there was a strong wind. I found myself in 5th place and the top 3 had pulled away in the first few miles. However, I was running strong and caught 3rd place by 8 miles and 2nd place by 10 miles. I finished in a pb of 69.05, but a fair bit off Kallenberg who won in 67.20. 

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