Wednesday, 11 May 2016

2016 so far...

2016 so far....

Decided to try and keep this blog updated so people can check in and see what I've been up. Mainly in terms of running.

Goals this year is to:
  • Break 15min for the 5km.
  • Get England Qualifying times:
Event Men Women
3k 8:30 9:40
5k 14:40 16:40
10k 30:30 34:30
10 miles 50:15 56:50
Half Marathon 1:07:00 1:16:00
Marathon 2:22:00 2:39:00

 I had some good winter training under my belt, which was good as I was away in Germany learning how to ski in the week prior to the inter-services. Luckly I returned with no injuries.

The season started off well with a 2nd place finish at the Inter-Services Cross-country championships at RAF Halton. The RAF won the team prize and had the second best team result in history of the event against the Army and Navy.

 I done a few park runs in Bedford and Cambridge, but my next big race was at the Chichester 10km. I was in good shape on a course where I had previously achieved a PB.The pace was good and I felt strong and went off fast as I knew the last 2km was pretty much all downhill. However, I began to die off the pace and the downhill section was into a strong headwind. I finished in 31.55 for 17th Place.
My first spectator role this year was at the Eton Dorney Sprint Duathlon, where Emma was doing a 2.5km run, 10km cycle, 2.5km run. She did this race in Jan and had since done some training and learnt how to use cleats on the bike ready for this one in Feb. She had a good run, cycle and transitions to finish 1st Lady. The combined run time was 24min for 5km. This is all practice for the London Duathlon in September.

We travelled up to Manchester for the weekend and some walking in the Peak District. But not before I done the Trafford 10km as a representative for the UK Armed Service Team. This is one of the fastest and competitive races in the country, and was well worth the trip as I knew I had trained well. Condition were perfect and  I was under 5min per mile all the way around. I finished in 30.52 for 52nd position. The top 28 runners went under 30min. The greatest depth of British runners in a race for a long time.

I did a few local races just to have some tough training runs:

  • Berkenhampstead Half Marathon - 4th
  • Welwyn Garden City 10km - 2nd
  • Cambourne 10km - 1st

I have recently joined Bedford and County AC, and now have a good group to train with on the track 1 or 2 nights a week. Its handy as I can drive their on the way home from work and it isn't too far out of my way. They have some great middle distance runners (including GB U23 athetes), which will help me improve

Lastly, I have been for a week in Majorca for a Triathlon training camp. Lots of cycling around the hilly island, which is packed with lycra and like minded cyclists. At this time of the year there are more bikes than cars on the road. I did a bit or running and swimming and picked up a cold. The Sport Hotel was great as was the buffet food in the mornings and evenings as we were burning a lot of calories.

Thats all for now. I will try and make more regular posting on here as I don't like putting lots on social media.

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