Monday, 19 July 2010

Votwo Kamikazi Run

My first race as part of the Votwo race team (hoping to make their elite team) was the Kamikaze race near Bridport. About 400 people made the start line all wearing their numbered headbands.The race began with a bang from a canon and runners charged down a steep hill to a bog shouting Banzi! Lots of smoke was streaming across the course making it hard to see the ground will running at top speed.
A few logs to hurdle and hills to climb later i was in 1st place as i entered the 'jungle'. the run followed a river (litrally) but the water was only ankle deep, however when entering the bog parts,the mud became hip deep,and trapping some runners! who had to crawl and pull themselves out!
After another mile i extended my lead and was the first to go down the kamikaze slide into a pile of hay. i few hills later (some that forced you to walk and the other required a rope!) i had completed the first lap (3.5 miles) and had to do it all over again!
On the 2nd lap i had a clear lead and relaxed into the running and enjoyed it. I caught up with the back runners and slowed while trying to pass them on the narrow sections (and waiting for the slide!).
In the finishing straight i had to climb some hay bails and under a cargo net. then i came to the wall (literally), which was twice my hieght and required a rope to ascend. down the other side and crossed the line afew minutes ahead. I claimed my 'star trophy' and first win as Votwo race team.
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You tube video to follow!

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  1. Welldone James,your blog made me laugh i can just imagine getting stuck in the Bog! i would prob be up to my neck! and have to be rescued...mmmm theres a thought! How long was the race overall? your best sis xxx