Monday, 3 May 2010

Great West Run

Wet and windy conditions for my first great west run. still it attracted 2100 runners to the start line at Exeter Arena track. Lined up and went off with three other runners who i knew had the beating of me, however i tried to stay with them and go at their pace. We went through the 1st mile in about 4.50 and the second in 10min. this was too fast for me and i didnt want to blow up, so i dropped back and went at my own pace. The hills were fairly tough as the wind was blowing too. i was out in 4th by myself for most of the race with the leading group about 1min ahead and the 5th place about the same distance behind me. The crowd helped to keep me going when running into town, as they lined all the barriers. i then began to pass other runners at the back when on the 2nd lap. this helped with motivation but i had to weave in and out of a few which must have slowed me down. I knew the conditions and course were not good enough for the 72min pb i set in Bideford so i resorted to 4th place and enjoyed the atmosphere of the race by running home comfortably in 74.30min. Was pleased with 4th place in the largest field i had ever ran in, plus my South West Running Team was the fastest team to finish. The race was won by Tom Merson, With Adam Carlson and Barry Reynolds in 2nd and 3rd.


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