Sunday, 4 April 2010

Exe To Axe

Training had been going well and i thought about doing this race to make my training miles more interesting. Also it was very sunny with spectacular views when running between Exmouth and Seaton (Devon) along the coastal path. I was a little apprehensive as it was the longest distance i had ever raced. It was a 20 mile run (turned out to be 21), which is easy on the flat roads but hardwhen running up a number of steep offroad hills.

I had a few sweets on me, but other than that i was relying on water and sweets at each checkpoint, whereas some had packs on their back.
After about 3 miles running with the pack i began to settle into a good training pace and pulled away from the field, with no challenges. However i knew that some runners were doing it as a relay so may have a few challenges throughout the day and i didnt want them to beat me either. After about 2 hours 50min the finish was in sight and a was a couple of minutes up on a relay runner and 5min up on second place. I finished with tired legs, but it had been a very enjoyable run, apart from the odd walkers and dogs in the way on narrow paths. However it took about 3 days to recover from due to those steep hills.
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