Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bideford Half Marathon

After completing lots of mileage since the start of the year (average of 60-70 miles per week) i put the training to the test by completing my first half marathon in Bideford. I was aiming for under 75min in order to achieve a championship qualifying time for next years London marathon.

The plan was to go out slow and get faster. I average 5min 40 for each mile in the first half and was sitting in 4th. The second half was faster once on the flat tarka trail, where i was doing about 5.20mile pace. With 2 miles to go i pulled away from third place but was unable to catch the Bideford man in 1st. However i was pleased to come home in 2nd out of a 900 field and get the time of 72min 21sec.

I now plan to get under 72min but i would need an equally fast course like this one, maybe without the cold wind i had here.

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